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This CJ was like no Kazakh woman I have ever seen. She had golden hairs, teeth as white as pearls, and the asshole of a seven-year-old. For the first time in my lifes, I was in love.

I sorry to interrupt the politic. Uh, please, is possible make a shit, your house, immediately, very urgent, I have a problem, please?

Yagshemash! Democracy is very different in US and A from Kazakhstan. In America, woman CAN vote, but horse – CANNOT!

In Kazakhstan, the favorite hobbies are disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis.

My name a Borat. I come from Kazakhstan. Can I say a first, we support your war of terror! May we show our support to our boys in Iraq! May US and A kill every single terrorist! May your George Bush drink the blood of every single man, women, and child of Iraq! May you destroy their country so that for next thousand years not even a single lizard will survive in their desert!

Sometime my sister, she show her vazhïn to my brother Bilo and say “You will never get this, you will never get it, la la la la la la!” He behind his cage. He cries, he cries and everybody laughs. She goes “You never get this.” But one time he break cage and he “get this” and then we all laugh. High five!

Uhm, at the start, she was a cook good, her vazhïn work well, and she strong on plow. But after three years, when she was 15, then she become weak. Her voice become a deep. “Borat, Borat!” She a receive hair on her chest and her vazhïn hang like sleeve of wizard.

Wawaweewaa! Ooh lala! Oh well, king in the castle, king in the castle, I have a chair! Go do this, go do this, king in the castle.

This is my country of Kazakhstan. It locate between Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and assholes Uzbekistan.

Yagshemash! In US and A, if you want to marry a girl, you cannot just go to her father’s house and swap her for 15 gallons of insecticide. Before American woman will allow you in her vazhïn, you must do something called dating.

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